1. The King of Horror
  2. The sound of Sha’by underground
  3. Independent theatre: A political satire or tragedy?
  4. Fighting Backwardness
  5. Ani Mania engage with animals in a fun setting
  Dayma: Biomimicry as a Tool for Education  

Imagine if you could consult nature’s wisdom, through the people who study life and living organisms, to create the next great bio-inspired solution....

  It’s All About the Love

Rarely in Egypt do you find a sick member of the family living on their own. Grandmothers, grandfathers, great aunts and uncles are all well-known...



Landlocked on the southern slopes of the mid-Himalayas between China and India, Nepal is renowned for being the home of Mount Everest. The mountain that has been luring and challenging mountaineers for decades from all over the worldBecause of its emergence from a decade-long civil war in 2008, Nepal is just recently emerging as a touristic magnet with vacation offerings as diverse as its society...